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Photographer Harry Jay Siskind, has  traveled to Cuba as a Photojournalist from the early 70's when he first accompanied Senators Javit's and Pell, for talks with Premier Fidel Castro.  

Since March 11th, of 2016 the  first day U.S. Citizens could legally travel to Cuba, Photographer Harry Jay Siskind has traveled 9 times, and taken almost 65,000 photos depicting the entire Country, and it's amazing people for a photographic coffee table book to be published the end of 2019, prior to it's eventual change from tourists descending World Wide.

You can become one of a small select group, that will get to travel with Siskind and other expert photographers, to see Cuba. You will feel like you've stepped back in time to the 50's. You will visit the island and explore the culture that make Cuba unique, while learning from years of experience from Siskind's Photojournalistic techniques, not only shooting but interacting with the people in Cuba. 

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